My name is Jeremy D. Frens.

I used to teach at Calvin College (a small liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, Michigan) in the Computer Science Department. Before that, I taught in the Computer Science Department at Northwestern College (another small liberal arts college but in Orange City, Iowa). And before that, I got a Ph.D. in Computer Science (surprise!) from Indiana University.

In my copious amounts of free time (ha!) I write software and websites.

I Program

No Latte is a programming language for writing web pages. (I use it to build this very site!) No Latte fixes a couple of the drawbacks of HTML.

In building No Latte, I used ANTLR which turns a language grammar into Java code. In order to test my grammar properly, I wrote a library, ANTLR Testing, based on JUnit.

To indulge my interest in interpreters and compilers, I wrote CIAT (pronounced "dog") for writing acceptance tests.

I Used to Teach

My favorite courses to teach are Programming Languages and Compilers with Website Administration a close runner up.

Programming Languages and Compilers satisfy a need I have for writing large programs that do cool things on their own. I also love learning new languages.

On the practical side of things, I enjoy building websites. I've built this one (the one you're reading right now); I've built a few others as you can see in the links on the right.

I Acheive

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Name That Robot
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